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Dmitry E. Dmitriev Homepage

  • If you have any problems with our NMR-SERVICE spectral server, please contact me: 7(095)135-90-94, 8-96 or e-mail dmit@nmr-dmit.ioc.ac.ru

Who am i?

  • NMR Scientist
  • System administrator of NMR Center of Zelinsky Institute
  • Experienced (I hope :) Perl programmer
  • etc.... :)

My fields of interest:

  • Science:
    • NMR of small heterocycles
    • Dynamic NMR
  • Computer and Internet Technology:
    • Programs for automatic collect and processing of NMR spectra
    • Spectral databases
    • Small daemons for server admin tasks
    • Web automation, CGI/Perl and robots

Most of my work are:

  • Bruker NMR Instruments
  • Linux
  • Perl
  • MySQL

Examples of my scripts:


My Scorpio Private Area SMS Ford VIN decoder

Contact phones: 7(095)135-90-94, 8-96 (inside ZIOC)

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