Association of NMR spectroscopists in Russia (RusNMR)

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Association of nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy is a non-profit organization of Russia registered as a section of the Russian Physical Society. The association was founded in 1990. Since then the president of Association has been Prof. N. M. Sergeyev, Department of Chemistry, Moscow State University. Vice-president and chief editor of a special bulletin of Association is Prof. A. V. Aganov, the Dean of Department of Physics, Kazan State University.

During 1990-2000 three meetings (1990, 1995 and 2000) were organized by the Association and its bulletin (Russian NMR newsletters - russian transliteration is «NOVOSTI YAMR V PIS`MACH») has been published in about 30 issues for the period from 1991 till now.
Now the Association includes about 150 persons from Russia and republics of the former Soviet Union (Ukraina, Belarus, Armenia, Turkmenistan).
We provide the database on all the members of RusNMR including name, status, phone, fax , e-mail, corresponding organization etc. Using search option easily allows you to find the way to contact with any registered member of Association.

Click here for the list of forthcoming NMR meetings to be held in Russia in 2000-2001.

N M Sergeyev