Bruker AC200-33 Statistics

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Statistics start date: 5 January 1998
Date of last record: 11 June 2019
Spectra registered in 2019: 2432
Total spectra in 1998 - 2019: 156809
2D Spectra in 1998 - 2019: 0
3D Spectra in 1998 - 2019: 0
Maximum spectra per day: 231 (16 July 2017)
Maximum spectra per week: 546 (week start 10 Jul 2017)
Maximum spectra per month: 2065 (Apr 2002)
Maximum spectra per year: 18055 (2002)

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Summary graph
Note: Small graph at the right upper corner of the diagram show number of spectra, registered since 1-st Jan of current year comparing with corresponding period of the previous year.

All nuclei observed at the spectrometer AC200-33

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Spectra per weekdays at AC200-33

Summary graph annually

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